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As the EU seeks to transition from a system of legacy energy and an over-reliance on fossil fuels to a new era of clean, sustainable energy, the bloc has been seeking dynamic and effective ways to turn this vision into a reality.

Although the EU has made significant strides in increasing its use of renewable energy sources (RES), more needs to be done if the most calamitous effects of climate change are to be mitigated or reversed. Furthermore, the desire of the EU to shift away from fossil fuels, the majority of which are imported, would also leave it less exposed to external geopolitical factors that threaten the energy security of the bloc.

With these points in mind, RESPONDENT was submitted in response to Horizon Europe’s research and innovation programme under the topic EGNSS and Copernicus applications for fostering the European Green Deal. Managed by the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) on behalf of the European Commission, the RESPONDENT project, through the utilisation and leveraging of both Galileo and Copernicus systems and services, aims to develop and promote the integration of RES into Europe’s existing power grids, as well as to demonstrate their viability and reliability compared to traditional sources of energy that are wreaking havoc on global temperatures and accelerating the most destructive impacts of our rapidly changing climate.

Led by FINT, the RESPONDENT consortium consists of experts in the fields of energy transition, information and communication technologies, construction, research, and more, made up of 8 partner organisations from 3 countries across Europe.


Among the new solutions to be developed within the RESPONDENT project include:

  • The employment of novel power generation and demand forecasting models of weather-dependent RES, offering increased accuracy and forecasting capabilities.
  • The consolidation of Copernicus Earth Observation Programme and site-specific sensing data for accurate and timely forecasts of generated power.
  • The integration of AI/ML algorithms and multi-physics simulations that consider socio-economic factors across the EU when predicting the levels of power needed for stable energy connections.
  • Supporting the balancing of power supply and demand by incorporating Galileo-enabled technology (Timing and Synchronisation) to ensure that power grids are accurately monitored throughout the RES transition and beyond.

Combined, these systems and technologies will coalesce and integrate to form a complete RESPONDENT Solution SUITE with the aim of bolstering and supporting the implementation of the EU’s Green Deal, which strives to supply clean, affordable, and secure energy for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.




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