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Location: Athens, Greece



Future Intelligence (FINT) is a leading and highly innovative Group of Companies specializing in Information and Communication technologies (ICT).

The Group was initially established in Greece in 2009 and is privately held, with its main facilities located in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus. FINT provides highly demanding solutions and business services covering a number of activities, in the fields of short-range communications (WSN, M2M, IoT) and long-range communications (WiMAX, LTE, 5G), Future Internet (distributed cloud environments, artificial intelligence) and Aviation.

As one of the leading IoT devices manufacturers in Europe, the company’s objective is to build an IoT-enabled ecosystem (FINoT Platform) which can expand horizontally and vertically providing a playground for vendors, OEMs and software engineers.

Partner Project Role

FINT serves as the Coordinator of the project, responsible for the overall monitoring of the project activities and interaction with EUSPA.

Moreover, FINT serves as the Leader of WP3 – RES Power Generation Forecasting, responsible for the development of the AI-powered solution for the prediction of the power output of the Renewable Energy Sources installations. FINT will also implement the Business Plan and the go-to-market strategy for the project’s key exploitable results.