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Location: Athens, Greece



Founded in 2014, kIEFER TEK LTD is a Greek construction company with a high level of expertise and significant experience in the field of renewable energy. As part of its work, kIEFER undertakes projects as an EPC Contractor, providing integrated solutions for the development, design, equipment supply, construction and maintenance of energy systems, with the main objective of its foundation being the construction and operation of renewable energy sources power plants.

kIEFER’s qualified personnel possess extensive experience in the operation of power stations. In this respect, its strategic priority is to implement optimal solutions and cutting-edge technology to the station’s construction, combining the lowest possible investment cost with the maximum effective lifetime of a plant.

Partner Project Role

kIEFER TEK LTD serves as the Leader of WP6 – Suite Integration, Demonstration and Validation, of the RESPONDENT project. Is responsible for the Solution Suite Integration, preparation leading up to the 2 Pilots, and to validate and demonstrate the Pilots.