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Location: Andoain, Spain



Since its establishment, Euskabea has a key player in the renewables sector with extensive knowledge and expertise in hydroelectric, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, cogeneration and onshore-offshore wind power.

Euskabea is responsible for designing, building, and legalising a vast array of electrical facilities for its industry. As an expert in its field, it strives to manage projects with a vision of energy efficiency, and to further maintain these facilities for the overall benefit of the renewables sector.

Partner Project Role

Throughout the duration of the RESPONDENT project, Euskabea will offer its engineering expertise on renewables and AI-based automation that are crucial to the success of the project.

Furthermore, they will validate the models for production and consumption prediction and the tools for grid monitoring after integration with the sensors in their power conversion hardware, leading to the eventual testing of the project’s results on industrial clients.