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Location: Granollers, Spain



Aněll is a Distribution Systems Operator (DSO) based in Catalonia, Spain. Its electrical grid was initially built more than 100 years ago to supply electricity to the textile industry, later expanded to supply electricity to other towns and end users.

Aněll has more than 120 km of 40 kV sub-transmission networks, as well as more than 1000 km of medium and low voltage network passing through 31 towns. In its electrical grid, Aněll is managing 5 micro hydroelectric power plants, has more than 1 MW of installed PV capacity with different sizes and generation capabilities of individual plants, and is integrating more and more electric vehicle charging points.

Partner Project Role

Aněll will serve as the leader of WP2 Use cases, Requirements, and Integration Planning, of the RESPONDENT project.

Aněll’s main task through this WP is to synthesise the requirements and associated KPIs of the forecasting and T&S modules, as well as the integrated solution suite, based on the end-users expectations and the optimised technical solutions. Also, as a DSO, Aněll will provide a pilot site to test and validate the RESPONDENT solution.